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Heather Vale
Heather works with us on Mondays. She is also a fabulous artist, travels and has a beautiful therapy dog that takes her for walks!
Valerie Ehasoo
Valerie has done some amazing travelling as a doctor including working in New Zealand Sioux Lookout, Moose Factory, Nunavut, Newfoundland, and Queen Charlotte Islands and as a Physician Trainer Bosnia / Hercegovina 2004. She works at the clinic on Tuesdays.
Lorna Mace
Outreach Worker
Lorna is the Youth Clinic Outreach Worker. She enjoys spending time with the youth who access the clinic, and feels lucky to have met so many cool people through work. In her spare time she leaves funny memes on Cheryl's computer screen, and talks a LOT about her pug.
Kristen Korol
Kristen rides her bike to clinic whenever she can. She is passionate about Rebar's bread salad. Kristen is at the clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Danika Milne
Danika has been transplanted from the prairies and has fully embrace westcoast living! In addition to working as a clinic doctor on Thursdays and Fridays she is a certified yoga instructor and spends every possible minute outdoors!
Celina Ronayne
Relief RN
Celina is a RN certified in Contraceptive and STI management. When she is not at the clinic, she is practicing yoga, surfing and traveling the world!
Naomi Hwang
Naomi is one hard working doc! She loves skiing with family, yummy food and working with youth!
Heather Michael
Heather is a clinical social worker and works at the clinic on Thursdays from 2-5pm. In her spare time she is out on the ice playing hockey, or ripping the trails on her mountain bike.
Cheryl Hardy
Medical Office Assistant
Cheryl is our Office Administrator. When she is not a the clinic or volunteering she spends her time raising her Boston Terriers, studying at Camosun, and working on her striking combinations at a local MMA gym.
Gisele Ferguson
Gisele works with us twice monthly. You will need a referral from one of our docs to see her. Gisele loves sailing and the great outdoors!
Kim Daly
Kim has been at the clinic since the beginning! You can find her at the clinic on Tuesdays (11-3pm) for counseling. You will need to check in with us first to book an appointment with her.
Jenn Lee
Jenn has worked at the clinic for many years! She is passionate about her work and loves adventuring with her family. When she's not working she's either skiing in the mountains or beach bumming it in Hawaii!
Alanna Jackson
Clinical Nurse
Alanna loves adventures! She has nursed in First Nations outposts all over BC and even travelled to Africa to learn and practice. She loves walks with her dog and her cozy cabin!
Barbara Thompson
Executive Director
Barbara has worked in health care management for over 20 years. She has been managing the clinic since 2007. She also volunteers in Mongolia, working with the poor. She is actively working to help set up a youth clinic there. Travelling to new places is big on her priority list!
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